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7 literary activities necessarily transformed into a tantalizing online edition. A taster of real encounters at a great autumn literary festivalPut your book aside and experience words and culture from the comfort of your couch. Or put your legs up on your desk and enjoy what we bring to your screen via stream. Go ahead!


Online showcase

Hind & Zahra Eljadid


A disease is consuming the body of Hind and Fatima-Zahra Eljadid's mother. It is a slow and painful process of deterioration, and it comes on top of the fighting divorce from her aggressive ex-husband, and on top of fear and poverty. Kruimeldief is a poetic but raw elegy about motherly affection, saying goodbye, looking back and remembering. But also about white corridors, loveless sheets and ... sisterly love. 

Hind Eljadid is an Antwerp-based word artist and writer. She won several awards for her performative word art and with her debut she writes a life down. With her critical thinking she is conquering the literary world word by word.. 


Fatima-Zahra Eljadid is an illustrator, painter and stop-motion animator from Antwerp. Since 2020, she has been an editorial member of the Comic Guide Flanders and a social-cultural worker at VOEM.

In collaboration with Beursschouwburg, EPO, and IMD Brussels.


online conversation

Between Melat Gebeyaw Nigussie, Anissa Boujdaini, Aline Bosuma W’okungu Bakili & Emmanuelle Nsunda

Being Imposed Upon is a timeless love letter and manual by and for black women. This book is a collection of reflections on being a woman and being black in Belgium. In the two national languages Dutch and French, we, black women, unite non-fiction essays, literary reflections, poetry, activist and academic texts around our search for freedom. This book is a tribute to our elderly, our heroes and our sisters. 

Language: Dutch & French

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In collaboration with Beursschouwburg, Publieke acties,  & IMD Brussels, 

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