Walk 1. ‘To be an “Experimental Woman Writer”'. Three words, three difficulties.

Dr. Hannah Van Hove, FWO postdoctoral researcher at the VUB, invites you to relive part of the childhood of novelist Christine Brooke-Roose (1923-2012).

In her book, titled Invisible Author, the experimental British writer asked, "Have you ever tried to do something very difficult as best you could, over a long period of time, and then found out that no one noticed?” That unfortunately happened to Brooke-Rose herself, whose novels and critical writings were largely forgotten after her death. Yet, Brooke-Rose wrote wonderfully innovative fiction in which she conducted various grammatical and typographical experiments with language and form..

In her last novel, "Life, End Of," she described her experiences growing up in Brussels. We invite you to join us for a walk-and-talk in which we revisit this novel, exploring the neighborhood Brooke-Rose used to live in, whilst hearing about the concerns, influences and legacies of this neglected writer. Follow the route on your smartphone or tablet and listen as Dr. Van Hove explains at various stops why this specific place is significant in the story of Christine Brooke-Rose. The walk will be available in Dutch and English. 

Link to the app that allows you to walk the route, enjoying the accompanying videos.


Walk 2. A city tour with Berber people from Brussels

During the Interlitratour festival, various self-organisations and individual artists will be organising an interactive, digital walk that sheds light on Amazigh literature through poetry, song and music by Berber people in Brussels. 

During this walk, the different aspects of Amazigh culture are considered. Different Berber, Tarifit and Arabic works will be presented, with a translation into French and Dutch, we will bring the poems to life through songs and we will let the participants discover the world of the Berber culture. As a visitor, you will enjoy the stories that different Berber people from Brussels tell you through poetry readings, music, song and images at different points during your walk through Brussels. 

This walk can be done completely on your own, but we also plan to offer this guided walk when we can.

A link to this walk will appear here in June.