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Interlitratour BXL 


Intercultureel Festival Littéraire

Mid-February  there will be literature in the air. The heart of Europe’s capital will beat to the rhythm of poetry, slam, prose, verse and rhyme. Words on the wings of music, dance, theatre and fine arts. A celebration of Brussels’ vibrant, multicultural spirit.

Painting the world in stories.



Interlitratour is an intercultural, literary festival in the municipalities of Brussels from Monday 08 to Saturday 14 February 2021*. The program consists of activities from numerous associations, organizations and individual artists or citizens in Brussels.
Interlitratour brings Brussels’ residents together through their own, culture-specific literature. The events are located at the crossroads of international literature, migration to Belgium and Brussels society. Interlitratour offers a stage, opportunities to discover and builds bridges between communities.

Organizers: Arthis - Belgian-Romanian Cultural House, Davidsfonds, FMDO, Internationaal Comité, Koerdisch Instituut, Masereelfonds, MuntpuntVermeylenfonds, Willemsfonds


Conditions for participation

  • The activity takes place in the Region Brussels-Capitale.

  • The activity has a clear connection to literature, in a broad sense: prose, poetry, theater, words put to music, letters, lyricism, columns, stories, author readings etc.

  • Interlitratour provides space for each language but efforts must be done to open up the activity for Dutch. OR As Interlitratour is a multicultural event many languages will be used, but extensive efforts are being made to make the activity accessible to Dutch speakers

  • The activity is accessible to a wide audience in Brussels.

Support - the organizers provide

  • The organisation of the program

  • Connecting project proposals and organizers

  • A broad promotional campaign

  • Financial resources

  • Places for presentation 


  • High visibility and awareness through the general communication campaign

  • A new, diverse audience

  • Logistical and financial support for the activity

  • New collaborations and meetings

  • The support of a strong organizational framework


  • Project proposals must be submitted at the latest Sunday 27 September 2020 via the online form. The program does not have to be finalized yet. A proposal, concept, motivation and possible partners and / or place of presentation are sufficient

  • The conditions described must be respected

  • Candidates will receive feedback by Friday 16 Octobre 2020.




Tel: 0498 644 802 (Ruben: NL & FR) - 0497 58 54 96 (Suzanne: EN)

Curious about the previous edition? The program of Interlitratour 2020 can be found here.

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