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Poor Brussels / Riche Image

The capital of Europe is changing at lightning speed. The population is growing noticeably. Unemployment and poverty are rising alarmingly. The car is the tyrant of the city. Brussels was bilingual for decades, Brussels has been multicultural for half a century. That too has changed. Brussels is now the city of hyper-diversity. The people of Brussels try every day to live together in a civilized matter.

Filip Van Zandycke and Geert van Istendael  presents the lecture "Poor Brussels / Rich Image", a Brussels story based on the photos published in the book by Geert van Istendael. More than ever, this book wants to show: Brusseleir, wherever you come from, this is your city, with its past, its staggering flaws, its small virtues, its scarce books and its countless stories. The walk will be available in Dutch. 

In collaboration with Hoedgekruid.

Link to the app that allows you to walk the route,

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